Concept of Noble spirit

Kyushu University School of Medicine to contribute to

Unconditional to their own body in the dental department,

It was launched in July 1965 for the purpose of offering "no reward".

 This time, it has been filed

We planned the construction of a memorial tower as atoken of gratitude and respect to all the spirits who weregiven their own bodies for the purpose of teaching andresearching members of the society and medicine anddentistry.

 On the occasion of the construction, we received a largeamount of donations from the members of the Society,Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University Medical School,Faculty of Dentistry, students, and the Kyushu UniversityFoundation.

For design and production, I asked Professor Koji Ishikawafor research on engineering and research, and F cast Co.,Ltd. for production.

 Thank you very much for the establishment of thememorial tower "sublime spirit" by the kindness of theconcerned parties this year when the AmbassadorMemorial Celebration reaches its 100th anniversary.

October 2002

Kyushu University Shiragikukai